Well, it’s become very clear that doing nothing except rest is not an option. There must be more proactive concussion treatment.

It may surprise you that there is NO evidence that complete physical and cognitive rest for extended periods of time is good for you when you have a concussion or traumatic brain injury. In fact, research is showing that too much rest is actually detrimental. It can lead to worsening of symptoms as well as lengthening the period of persistent symptoms.

Complete bed rest to some is simply not an option.

How much is too much?

Dr. Joanny Liu of Concussionanswers.com has said repeatedly over the last several years that complete rest is not a treatment. It is an admission that your doctors, including neurologists, who should know better, don’t know what to do about a brain injury. So they opt to do nothing and hope and pray that you’ll do better soon on your own.

Of course you may have heard that there are some physical treatments for the eyes and the neck.  these may be helpful, but only if you have any of these problems or if you want to try it out anyways to see if you improve.

But there is one area which few scientists and doctors are exploring and that is the mental and emotional aspects of the brain. Even neuropsychologists focus narrowly on one aspect of your person. They focus on cognitive behavorial training.

Dr. Joanny Liu argues that we must look at a whole brain approach. After all, we know that stress affects the brain. Stress is a negative reaction to anything you don’t like or perceive as a threat, real or imagined. The brain makes no distinction between the two.

Negativity affects the brain. The stress response affects the brain as well as the rest of the body. Flooding them with stress hormones is unhealthy when you’re chronically unhappy. So it is very important to consider the psychological effects of stress on the brain, which make it weak and therefore susceptible to injury, as in the case of concussions.

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